Z Rizdvom Khrystovyn!

I had a really nice Ukrainian Christmas! The food all turned out fairly well (I was disappointed with the holubtsi but 1 out of 12 isn’t all that bad!) and there was MORE than enough food – infact we barely dented some of the dishes (and I had been worried there wouldn’t be enough…). People tried new foods and went back for second and third helpings!!

The menu in the end was:

1. Kutya – an oatmeal-like dish made with wheat, dried fruit, nuts, and honey which I am now a HUGE fan of (and served it for breakfast this morning)

2. Holubtsi – cabbage rolls. I wasn’t totally pleased with the taste – I had tried using brown rice and I think they turned out really dry. I also think a smaller cabbage might have helped.

3. Pyrohy (pronounced “pedahet” in my family) – I stuffed them with potato & cheese, kapusta (sauerkraut), and prunes. Next year I’m counting these as three separate dishes 😉

4. Kolach – 3 rings of braided bread stacked one on top of the other with a candle in the centre. Tons and tons of work (I sifted 27 cups of flour the night before dinner to make 3 rings for Friday and anothe 3 rings for Sunday) but I liked how they turned out. Need some tips on joining the rings and keeping them joined though – had some troubles while they were rising.

5. Kapusta with peas – sauerkraut with split-peas and garlic and onion. As I was making this dish my partner came in and said “I don’t usually like sauerkraut but that smells awesome” – always nice to hear!

6. Vegetarian Borsch soup – beet and cabbage soup with lots of other veggies.

7. White beans – mashed white beans with garlic and some fried onions on top.

8. Green salad

9. Veggie sticks – both the salad and veggie sticks were my non-traditional additions to the menu. I may be a carb-aholic but I needed some fresh vegetables

10. Spicy Dill Pickles – homemade by my mom!

11. Fruit compote – basically stewed prunes, apricots, raisins, and apples with some honey to add to the sweetness

12. Homemade chocolates – I used my Baba’s recipes for “spiders” (chow mein noodles, peanuts and raisins covered in chocolate) and “Davey Crocketts” (peanut butter, coconut, and walnut balls covered in chocolate)

To set the meal off perfectly, some of our guests arrived with Ukrainian beer in hand (many, many thanks)!

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