Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch with family and friends this morning!

I made Whole Wheat Apple Muffins from Smitten Kitchen‘s recipe (which I made ahead, froze, and defrosted by taking the bag out of the freezer last night and leaving it on the counter) as well as her Winter Fruit Salad. I modified the fruit salad slightly: added ¬†2 extra pears, 1 extra apple, omitted the star anise (couldn’t find any), and substituted vanilla extract for the vanilla bean (it was what I had in the house). I loved the salad and would definitely make it again but there was far too much syrup – this morning I actually poured out half of it because the fruit was swimming.

I ended up making a batch of the crustless mini quiches that I had tried the other day fresh this morning despite having frozen ones in the freezer because I thought they looked nicer fresh (though they did freeze relatively well).

The remainder of the brunch table consisted of leftovers from Friday night:  kutya, a ring of kolach, some pyrohy, and a few chocolates for good measure.


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