Christmas decor wrap-up

It probably seems like a strange time to be posting about Christmas decorations but I’m only now just finally putting them away (I’m going to use the late date of Ukrainian Christmas as my excuse for still having them up!). I made a few things this year to help bring some “seasonal cheer” to the apartment:

The idea for the door wreath came from an image I found on Apartment Therapy after a Google images search for “yarn wreath”. I was looking for a yarn “stash buster” project and this seemed like a fun idea. I used a styrofoam wreath base to glue the balls to and bought styrofoam balls to wrap the yarn around to make the yarn stretch further. Everything was glued using a glue gun.

In retrospect I would have wrapped the wreath base in a layer of yarn first so that there was no styrofoam visible from any angle. I also would have gone about the glueing of the balls a bit more systematically: I just glued them on at random because I was focused on mixing the different shades of green. However, I think if I had started from the exterior of the wreath and worked my way forward (if that makes sense), it would have looked a bit more polished. Oh well, live and learn.

I also wanted a way to display our Christmas cards that took up less space (usually I just stand them up on the tv cabinet) so I modified the wrapped door idea from Country Living that was posted on Habitually Chic:

Personally, I was particularly proud of the bow (I’ve been learning to make bow’s this year):

I followed the tutorial from Clever Nesting. I actually made magazine and newspaper bows for all the gifts we gave out this year but I didn’t think to take a photo. I’m sure I’ll make them again though – I love crafts that use up items that would otherwise just end up in the trash or recycling bins. Want to make your own? I followed the tutorial at How About Orange.

Finally, years ago my Aunt bought me some cute little wooden Ukrainian nesting dolls that had outlines burned into them of snowmen that I’ve been meaning to paint for ages. It was a bit like “paint by number” but I still like the outcome:

I had them all displayed in a row for the holidays but for the photo I wanted to show that they actually do stack together.

And now it’s all being packed away for another year – apartment’s looking a little more plain suddenly….

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