Garden, Part 1

This year j and I have decided to make a garden. Purely to satisfy the demands of our stomachs.

When the discussion about gardening this summer came up I remembered my backyard. This will be my third summer in this house and I’ve never done anything back there, partly because it’s rather terrifying, partly because I’ve gone away for July and August previous years. This year I’m around for July at least so j and I decided to go for it and tackle my jungle of a backyard. Just so you know I am not overstating the state of my backyard, here are some before shots:

The only thing worth saving…


Filled with garden fever, j and I hit up my local organic farmers’ market last week and picked up some plants (strawberries and tomatoes) and seeds (carrots, radishes, beets, kale, spinach, mint, lettuce, snow peas). j also harvested a bunch of chives from her grandmother’s to be planted in the garden and has several plants at home from her mother that are garden bound (more tomatoes, plus cucumber, peppers, basil, etc.). We’re also on the look out for a few more herbs for the garden.

Now for the plan.

Preliminary at best, but you get the general idea. Now all we need to do is plant it and eat it!

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