Garden, Part 2

I’m an impatient person.

j and I have plans to dig out, and potentially plant, the garden this Tuesday. (If we run out of time on Tuesday, planting may take place on Thursday.) But I’m not that patient.

Now that we actually have plans for the garden, not to mention plants, I’ve been itching to do something back there. Then, I spent Saturday at a friend’s garden planting party. I looked out my window Sunday morning and could no longer resist. So off I went to tackle the jungle. Technically our garden plans do not involve the jungle – the beds are to be planted around this chaos – but I couldn’t take it anymore. I put on my boots and garden gloves, grabbed my garden shears (yay Dollarama!) and went at it.

The jungle was consisted of two things: a bamboo plant and vines from a neighbour that have made their way over the fence and grown unimpeded for at least several years. I managed to fairly easily cut away at the vines and pull them off the top of the bamboo plant. I also managed to pull out at least a dozen long strips of vine that had grown under the vegetation in the rest of the yard. It was actually kind of creepy to pull these things out from all the greenery. Who know they were under there!

Once the vine was taken care of, I tackled the bamboo. There was a TON of dead bamboo hiding under the nest-y canopy the vines had formed on top of the plants. I’ve salvaged a bunch of the taller pieces and am hoping they’re sturdy enough to use as staked in the vegetable garden. By the way, super impressed with my $2 garden shears. They totally tackled the vines and bamboo.

You can see where I trampled all over the plants while clearing out the vines and bamboo. Oh, well. It wasn’t the nicest vegetation to begin with. And, the garden looks SO much better cleared out.

Even though I cut back all the vines from the fence and the house, I’m more than okay with them growing back and covering the fence. I just have to keep trimming them back so they don’t take over the door to the backyard.

More garden work to come later this week. Digging and planting!

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