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Moosewood’s Mac & Cheese Lite

Tried out a new-to-me recipe the other day from The New Moosewood Cookbook, one of my favourites despite its lack of photos (I’m usually a photo-required-to-entice-me recipe selector). I doubled the recipe thinking that I would freeze batches of it to eat over the next few weeks but in restrospect I made far too much (I now have 2 large lasagna pans of mac & cheese).

I wouldn’t normally post a recipe from a cookbook online due to copyright concerns but it’s already all over the internet so I figure, why not?

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Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch with family and friends this morning!

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Brunch trial

I’ve got family coming for brunch this weekend and I’m trying to find some dishes I could make ahead so that all I’d have to do is heat them and serve. I really want some sort of egg dish – thought I’d try my hand at some mini quiches and see (1) if they’re any good and (2) if they’ll freeze.

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