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My black thumb

My mother can grow anything she thinks to cover with a bit of soil. You would think that perhaps I would inherit this gene, that green thumbs have some genetic components or something – or at least, I’ve always hoped. Instead I kill everything. I over-water, under-water, over-love, neglect, forget, freeze, scorch, and simply destroy every plant. Sometimes it happens immediately, other times I’m mislead into a false sense of “maybe  this time I’ve finally figured it out” at which point the plant usually clutches its leaves and keels over dramatically.

But apparently the part of the green thumb that has been passed on from my mother is the desire to try again anyways. I keep planting things despite knowing their inevitable fate – I feel compelled to force myself to learn to grow things.

Last year my mom got me a box of Radish Shoots from  Mano Verde. I finally got around to planting them on January 3rd of this year and low and behold –  they’ve grown! And quickly! I’m actually thinking I may make myself a salad for lunch tomorrow and harvest the little shoots to eat! I guess the persistence eventually pays off….that being said, the spicy basil seeds that I planted the same day (just generic seeds in potting soil – not from a kit) have yet to even break through the soil. Maybe there’s magic in this little green box 😉