Forgiveness through Cookies?

I was a grump today and T got the brunt of it so I decided to make cookies for him while he’s out (forgiveness is through the stomach, right?). We don’t have much in the way of groceries at the moment so I had to do some scrounging through the cupboards: I came up with enough to make The Delicious Life‘s Oatmeal Cranberry cookies (recipe).

I didn’t have a full cup of dried cranberries so I mixed in a generous cup of chopped dried prunes. I also don’t have an electric mixer of any sort so I just threw all the ingredients in a bowl and stirred – wasted a bit of oatmeal at the bottom of the bowl but nothing major. Baked up nice but took a bit longer than the “9 minutes 45 seconds” the recipe calls for (I’m not that exact – I played on my computer, forgot about the cookies, remembered them, opened the stove and poked them, and then sat back down again only to repeat the process a little bit later…). First batch I baked from ball form but the rest of them I squished down with a fork – they seemed to bake through better.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hi all. j2 here joining the original j in her blogging endeavor. We’re really going to have to work on these code names.

I have a meeting in the morning and decided to bake cookies for the occasion, something that has become a regular occurrence for these meetings. My search for a chocolate chip cookie recipe led me to one of my favourite food blogs: Smitten Kitchen. Although she has a few different chocolate chip cookie recipes on her website, including chocolate chip meringue cookies (gluten free and therefore perfect for a friend of mine!), I settled on these ones. The deciding factor? I already had most of the ingredients in my cupboard. I also opted to double the recipe, thinking that the 20 cookies the original recipe was supposed to make might not be enough for the hungry hoards I’ve been known to encounter.

I took Deb from Smitten Kitchen’s suggestion and toasted my walnuts before adding them to the dough. To toast the nuts, just throw them in a frying pan and turn on the heat. Make sure to stir to avoid burnt nuts. Once they start to smell like roasted nuts they’re done. Or, if you’re me, once you loss patience with the whole nut roasting process, they’re done. Still being impatient, I then threw the still warm nuts into the cookie dough, causing the chocolate chips to melt slightly. Not a catastrophe. The cookies turned out fine. But for future reference, let your nuts cool before adding them to your dough!

These cookies are big on chocolate (and nuts) and light on cookie dough. This was slightly concerning when I began since the dough was pretty crumbly.

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Moosewood’s Mac & Cheese Lite

Tried out a new-to-me recipe the other day from The New Moosewood Cookbook, one of my favourites despite its lack of photos (I’m usually a photo-required-to-entice-me recipe selector). I doubled the recipe thinking that I would freeze batches of it to eat over the next few weeks but in restrospect I made far too much (I now have 2 large lasagna pans of mac & cheese).

I wouldn’t normally post a recipe from a cookbook online due to copyright concerns but it’s already all over the internet so I figure, why not?

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Mmm chocolate!

I have people coming over tomorrow night and I wanted some sweets to add to the cheese and crackers that I’m putting out – but after an extended holiday season filled with chocolate making I was a bit stumped as to what to make. I ended up coming across recipes for Chocolate Espresso Cookies from Bake or Break and Gluten-Free Chocolate Financiers from Smitten Kitchen…but I had a few hitches along the way…

Chocolate Espresso Cookies

I tried to follow the recipe as closely as possible but I had a few hitches: first, I ran out of eggs. I had miscounted how many I had left vs how many I needed to make the two recipes and was short. My solution was to use the 4 egg whites called for in the gluten-free financiers (below) and put the 4 remaining egg yolks in the cookies to use as the “2 large eggs” that the recipe calls for. Well I’m not sure if it was the eggs or the recipe itself but I got a very, very dry mixture:

A second, confounding factor may be the fact that I don’t own an electric mixer – I just have a hand chopper/beater thingy (how’s that for descriptive eh?). But I was able to save the cookies! I added 1 cup of cold, brewed coffee to add some liquid in (3/4 cup may have been enough in retrospect). The dough mixed up to a sticky paste which I wrapped in saran wrap and stuck in the fridge.

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Christmas decor wrap-up

It probably seems like a strange time to be posting about Christmas decorations but I’m only now just finally putting them away (I’m going to use the late date of Ukrainian Christmas as my excuse for still having them up!). I made a few things this year to help bring some “seasonal cheer” to the apartment:

The idea for the door wreath came from an image I found on Apartment Therapy after a Google images search for “yarn wreath”. I was looking for a yarn “stash buster” project and this seemed like a fun idea. I used a styrofoam wreath base to glue the balls to and bought styrofoam balls to wrap the yarn around to make the yarn stretch further. Everything was glued using a glue gun.

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Ski bunny attire

I was headed cross-country skiing this weekend for the first time in ages and decided that I needed a new accessory…so I whipped up a wide headband that would both keep my hair out of my eyes and cover my ears.

I followed the Center Row Lace Headband pattern off Rewind Knits & Crochet (found via Ravelry).┬áIt knit up easily in an evening and I even had a little wooden button lying around to use for the base (yarn was a hand-dyed skein I’ve been saving from Craft Akron in Akron, Ohio)

Baby booties

I’ve been sick all week but I did manage to knit up a pair of baby booties for a friend of mine who just found out that she’s expecting a little bundle this summer:

I used the pattern for “Ruth’s perfect baby booties” – I still need to find some ribbon to tie through the eye-holes at the centre but I think they turned out well. They also look cute with the leg portion up or rolled down.