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Valentine’s Pancakes

Mr T and I had a really nice (homemade) Valentine’s date last night: we made dinner together 

I made him a card this week on which I painted two cute little watercolour robots on the front and gave him the recipe for Red Velvet Pancakes that I had found over at Café Zupas and we set a time to meet to prepare dinner.

My Mom had sent me the instructions for making your own buttermilk earlier in the day (apparently it’s just 1 tbsp lemon juice or vinegar + enough milk to make 1 cup  and then you let it stand for 5 min) but I was late leaving school so I just ended up buying a container. We were also out of yogourt (which I was going to use to substitute for the sour cream the recipe called for) so I needed to stop anyways – in the end I walked out with a container of crème fraîche….yes, I may have decided to splurge… Continue reading

Z Rizdvom Khrystovyn!

I had a really nice Ukrainian Christmas! The food all turned out fairly well (I was disappointed with the holubtsi but 1 out of 12 isn’t all that bad!) and there was MORE than enough food – infact we barely dented some of the dishes (and I had been worried there wouldn’t be enough…). People tried new foods and went back for second and third helpings!!

The menu in the end was:

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Prune pyrohy

Pyrohy can have all sorts of fillings – but my favourites, the prunes, only come out at Christmas (or at least in my family). I decided to make them first – one of my helpers is coming back on Wednesday to help with the cheese & potato + the kapusta pyrohy.

Prep work underway

The cooking for Ukrainian Christmas has begun! I’ve never hosted Ukrainian Christmas before but I felt inspired to go all out this year. Thankfully two of my girlfriends volunteered to help out with the prep work – I’ll admit, once I made the menu I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.


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